We bring our virtual stand of 500m² to you provided that you can save 3x3m for us. We also offer an opportunity to digitally meet some of our references and discuss everything from implementation to management.

From 1/1 2021, you can book a half day free of charge where we bring our virtual hospital to you to show our digital platform Hospital DMD® which facilitates the care work for the staff while making the hospital stay more pleasant for the patient.

In addition to being a fun experience, this is a great opportunity to gather colleagues for interesting dialogues and also take part in how other hospitals have worked with automated communication flows during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the healthcare-adapted digital platform Hospital DMD®, you collect patient TV, staff screens, information boards, hall signs, monitor slaves, art screens, video walls and more under the same software roof.

We show the system in its entirety with the help of virtual reality where you and your colleagues can visit our digital hospital together with a representative from us. We follow this up with a dialogue about the solution and can also include one / some of our references via a link. If you want to book a viewing or get more information contact Andreas Zetterberg:
Mobile No: 0705-147800
Or contact one of us by e-mail

If you want to know more about Hospital DMD®, you can watch our explanatory video which gives a broader picture of the system and its areas of use.

See you soon!

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