The total screen solution for the hospital is here

Hospital DMD® is the platform that facilitates the care work for the staff at the same time as it makes the hospital stay more pleasant for the patient. In addition to the entertainment offerings with TV, radio, internet, film, social media, information support and games, the adaptive platform is filled with useful functions such as RoomService, interpreter, rehabilitation assistance, message management, video calls, survey management and screen mirroring.

Gather your patient screens, staff screens, information boards, hall signs, monitor slaves, art screens, video walls and more under the same software roof with Hospital DMD.

Hospital DMD® is a tool for healthcare professionals that is packaged in a smart TV solution for the patient.

Hospital DMD creates more time for value-creating tasks and simplifies many parts of the demanding tasks of the staff
faced daily.
New needs require new tools and therefore we have built an adaptive interface that is constantly evolving
synergy with modern technology and the care needs that exist both today and tomorrow.

Hospital DMD® improves the care quality and frees up resources for care staff who can distribute their work tasks in a better and smarter way and thereby optimize based on each patient's needs.
Save time via alarm separation, information flows and reach all the hospital's screens with forced information in emergencies.
Before we used seven different CMS just for screen management, each change would be made seven times with different login, now we have not only collected all screens and can work centrally, we have also automated almost all administration.